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About Reliant Investments

Reliant investments is a subsidiary entity of Reliant Real Estate Management. We offer to accredited investors institutional quality self-storage investments. Reliant Real Estate purchased its first facility in 2007 and is currently a top 25 self-storage operator in the United States. Partner with an industry leader and experience the value of the self-storage asset class.

We pride ourselves on our proficiency in the self-storage industry. Our dedicated team has years of experience in the field, staying ahead of the trends, acquiring highly valued properties, and providing our partners with the best possible return on their assets. Time and time again, we have met and exceeded industry benchmarks, making our exceptional track record the standard for the industry.

Reliant Investments is proud to be your partner on this lucrative journey ahead.

WHY Self Storage?



According to the NAREIT the self-storage asset class has achieved an average annual return of 16.85% over the past 25 years.

self-storage has outperformed Apartments (12.93%), Retail (12.04%), Office (12.15%), and the

S&P 500 (7.06%) over that same time period.

Reliant Investments Self Storage Performance


Through 2007-2009 Self-Storage lost -3.86% in value versus Apartments which lost (-6.72%,) Retail (-12.32%), Office (- 8.16%), and the S&P 500 (-21.10%) During the last recession, even when downsizing,

Americans do not seem to lose their appetite for storage.


Reliant Investments Self Storage Performance

According to the 2019 self-storage Almanac the

public traded companies own less than 25% of the self-storage market. There is a consolidation opportunity for Reliant to acquire facilities owned by mom and pop operators and generate revenue enhancements by deploying a professional management strategy.


Reliant Investments Self Storage Performance

WHY Reliant?


Track Record



Reliant Investments Lake Wylie Office Building
Reliant Investments StoreSmart Raleigh North Carolina
Reliant Investments Midgard Self Storage Vanderbilt

With over 100 years of combined experience in the self-storage marketplace Reliant gets access to many “off-market” and “limited look” properties for sale.  Reliant has transacted over $100,000,000 in self-storage transactions in the past 12 months and the owners and brokers in the self-storage recognize Reliant’s ability to close quickly.

Track Record 


Average Internal Rate

of Return (IRR)



Average Holding



Average Total Return 

on Investment


Average Annual Return

on Investment


Average Equity


Average returns reflect project level returns net of fees for properties purchased and sold between March 2007 and April of 2020


Meet the Team Reliant Investments

At Reliant, we believe a great performance starts with a great team. Our senior leadership team at Reliant has over 100 years of combined experience in the self-storage industry.  In the past 12 months we have deployed over $50 Million in investor equity purchasing over $100 Million worth of self-storage assets.  From acquisitions to operations, we are focused on driving results. We believe our best partnerships are ones where we all win together.  Our conservative approach to underwriting and long term approach to wealth creation allow us to generate out-sized returns for our investors.

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